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Dragon's Blood Resin ~ Courage ~Purification ~ Invoking ~ Protection and Love~ 1oz Jar with Wax Sealed Pentagram Lid~ Moon Goddess Magick


•The Practice of burning Incense and Resins goes back to very Ancient times and has it's roots in the early Sumerian Culture~ Use for Prayer and Ritual in Ancient Temples for thousands of years~ It has been said that the Sacred smoke would rise up and carry your intentions and offerings to the Gods~ Each resin or blend would offer you a specific intent or message to send up~ Reconnect with the Ancient past and feel the Sacredness within this centuries old Ritual~

•Burned for Courage, Purification, Invoking, Protection and Love~ High Quality Dragon's Blood Resin~ Witchcrafted with Moon Magick and Charged with Healing Sound waves from Brass Singing bowls to enhance the properties of your Resin~ Listing is for one 1oz Glass Jar with Wax Sealed Pentagram Lid, tied with Organic Hemp String~ This bottle is gorgeous and would look lovely upon your Altar or Witches Cabinet~

•Dragon's blood is a deep red resin which has been used for centuries by many cultures and much prized for it's rarity, depth of color and alchemical associations~ The original source of dragon's blood resin is believed to be Dracaena cinnabari from Socotra in Africa, but since medieval times there have been several alternatives from different geographical locations from the Canary Islands to the East Indies.~ When this sacred tree is cut it secretes Red Blood like sap which in turn is called Dragon's Blood~ Thought to be very powerful and a sacred source~ It's traditionally used in Indian ceremonies to get rid of negative energies and spirits and is regarded as having cleansing properties~ It's also very Calming to the Mind, Body and Spirit~

•When burnt, Dragon's Blood creates a strong herbal and spicy Aroma~Magical Herblists have been stirred by the properties and uses of the resin for generations~ Due to its color of red and its pleasing odors~ Dragons Blood is widely used in love magick and workings of the heart~ Also widely used as a funeral herb, it is most common to burn the resin as incense during funeral rites, for ease of transition~ It is said to place a piece of the resin under the mattress to cure impotency. Often added to other Magickal workings to increase the Intention and Energy~

•To make your own Witches Ink for your Book of Shadows or Sigils, combine these ingredients~

1oz of Vodka~
1 Teaspoon of powdered Dragons Blood ~ Grind with Mortar and Pestle~
1/2 tsp. Pure Vanilla (tincture)
15 Drops of Lavender Oil~
1 cinnamon stick
2 cloves

Blend all of your ingredients in a tightly sealed bottle and shake well~ Place your ink in a dark cool spot~ Shake your Ink once a day for seven days~ If your ink is not the desired color of red for you then add more dragon's blood resin~

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