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Weaving Magick into Motherhood

Posted on February 02 2017

Weaving Magick and Motherhood~

Becoming a Mother is pure magic and from the moment of conception magick begins brewing deep within our dark womb, in the cauldron of the Goddess. Like gathering bones and dirt to create something beautiful out of nature we do the same within, conjuring up the little being that is manifesting in your most sacred temple from the act of love.  Then comes that moment of birth, that moment when you are literally between worlds, so deep in that liminal space that all around you seems to fade into this one moment, tethered between what is seen and what is felt, engulfed in pain and excitement equally, in sacred communion with this little one inside your body, beckoning them to come out and greet you~ The ultimate conjuring. In this most sacred and primal ritual you give birth to a little creature of your bones and blood. Then this love that you thought you had when they were growing inside you becomes this entity all its own, consuming your heart and eating it whole. Your heart will never be your own again because it belongs to the incredible little human that you just birthed into existence. This is magick.  

When I became one with the many mothers of the world, my whole life changed, I became for responsible for these little beings of light and I was determined to not let them down, I wanted to show them everything, experience the unseen forces that are here and reveal every truth to them that I knew, so I did and still do to this day.

Magick has been a part of my journey here since I was just a girl, hidden in the most subtle of ways, revealing itself through many different guises, showing up in times that I needed it most. A connection to that primal energy that naturally pulls you away from religious dogma and into the beauty of simply what is and has always been.  As a child, I was always in the woods, gathering up flowers and sticks and befriending gardener snakes, salamanders and toads. For hours, I would be out there, content, happy and in tune with not just the energy in the ground but this ever present, light humming hymn of the Earth. In nature is where is began for me and in nature is where I allowed it to begin for my children.

This connection with nature is what ignites the communion with the unseen realms early on , most people speak of their first taste of magick coming from their love of nature, a voice heard upon the wind, or very heart beat of the Earth beneath your feet. Something deep within the well of memory stirs when our bare feet meet the Earth, when we are allowed to run free in the cathedrals of the forests and grip the black earth in our hands.  In these moments, we connect to that eternal web of life and memories come flooding in, little reminders of the magick we hold, and have always held, within us.

Just as most people, my relationship with nature waxes and wanes, there are times when I can get out into the thick of it and other times when it’s a bit more of a challenge because of mundane tasks, but on those indoors days, I tell stories and myths to my children. While I work and they play, we talk about the seasons, about ancient myths, cultures and beliefs, about memories they may have of their own from another place not of this time. You would be surprised at what comes from the mouths of babes when allowed to just speak what they will, without being hushed into nonsense. We talk about light, dark, strength and weakness, and how they are all okay to experience.


Being an owner of a small apothecary business and a mother of two has its challenges and its perks, finding a balance between meeting the needs of my children and my customers is not an easy one, but because I involve my children with what I do, it makes it easier and they learn so much as I go. What I learn, they learn, what I make, they make and if they chose to follow this path, then I know I have supplied them with a solid foundation to start with.  They go on harvesting walks with me and I teach them as we move through the forest. I teach them that the nature around them is alive, not just physically but spiritually, each plant has a name and its own energy. I teach them that when we look to borrow some of their energy for magical workings, that we do it respectfully and with permission, offerings of crystals, hair and sometimes a little spit are left, we only borrow what we need to and never over harvest. I love seeing the magick that comes from witnessing your child commune with a plant or little creature that they hold in their hands, you know there is a holy communion taking place at that moment.

When it comes to Ritual and Witchcraft, I teach them as I go, letting them observe or participate as they wish, I never force and always them to make their own choice.  I think the foundation of introducing your children to this, is the connection to your Ancestors. For my belief, this is where you draw your power from, for you are them and they are you. We honor ours all year long, we commune with them, ask for guidance, support and strength. We leave offerings of food and keep their memory alive by telling stories. This also gives your children and yourself the incredible feeling and reality of never being truly alone. There is power in that, knowing that your Ancestors walk with you on your path.

We honor the changing seasons in nature, with each turn of the wheel I teach them what I know about each Sabbat and its undeniable connection to modern religious holidays, I prefer they know the true history of each modern holiday and its ancient pagan roots. Introducing the energy of sanctity that comes with ritual is key to having your child watch or participate with respect and wonder, otherwise they lose the depth of the moment. There is something in a child that knows these moments are sacred and primal. Children learn from observation, so involve them in your offerings left in the woods, involve them in why you are lighting that candle or drawing up that sigil. Let them hear your communion with the spirit world, if child appropriate ha!

Another important point is to allow your children to be teachers to you as well, they have so much wisdom in their freshly reborn spirit from the other side. Listen to them and give them moments of power, this allows them to become confident and trust in their own magick and instincts.


With a little magick always comes a little judgement from the outside mundane world and this is where my lessons become more internal, because honestly, no matter how hard we wish we could easily alter the view in a mind not in tune with things that we are, sometimes this is just a dead-end road and our explanations become lost to a mind that does not want to open.  So, when I say internally, I mean I work with the core of who we are, I teach my children to see the inside of people, more than their appearance and more than the hateful words that may come out of misunderstanding of a certain path. My children know that even though we invite magick and witchcraft into our lives, we don’t go around boasting about it, nor do we depreciate it either. It is not something to be paraded around like a tool for boasting or retaliation, it is a deep relationship of practice that is meant for them to connect to the magick of this world, which opens eyes in a whole new way. They know when and where are good times to talk about the lessons they learn. Teaching them to be completely aware of their surroundings at a very early age, helps bring these primal instincts into play.


This is how I teach magick to my children as we move through our daily routine. If you observe life closely, you can see the visual threads of magick in almost every act and deed, little lessons and large ones, all teaching and weaving into the web of Wyrd. Reaching for those threads and pulling them down into a magical or non-magical lesson for your children becomes as effortless and endless as the lessons in life are not a rare occurrence.

Not every day is magical, some are rather mundane, but when you see the moments to show them the magick in the world, you can prepare them for life in ways that reach beyond the waking mind, lessons that weave into their subconscious through tales and magick.


With Love,



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  • Taylor Bishop: March 09, 2020

    Beautiful words, and how lovely that I happened to stumble upon this as I am pregnant with my first. Thank you, Blessings

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