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Focus Oil~ For a Calm and Centered Mind ~ Clarity Oil ~ Memory Enhancer ~ Mental Focus ~ Clear Mind~ Organic Essential Oils~ Red Jasper


♦This all Natural Essential oil blend is Amazing for Clarity and aiding the Mind to stay Centered, Focused and Sharp! I recommend this to anyone who has trouble keeping their mind on task and focused on Projects, Tests, Meetings ,Magickal Workings and other important details ~ When we have too many thoughts in the brain, we leave ourselves open for mistakes and frustration. This blend is meant to keep your mind Focused on the prize and your senses strong, helping you to retain important details, strengthening concentration and sharpening your memory!

♦Some of the Mind Strengthening oils are Rosemary, Lemon, Peppermint, Lavender and Cardamom. Crystal infused with Red Jasper to bring in extra Focus and Mental Mastery!

♦An added bonus ~ This Oil is a powerful Immune Booster~

♦Apply your oil to your Pulse points and the nape of your Neck and wait 30 minutes for best results~

♦This is also great for children who have trouble focusing.

♦Please remember to do a test patch to test for allergies!

Listing is for 1/3 oz Roll on bottle~ Easy to carry around with you!

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