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Creativity Oil~ Artistic Holistic Blend ~ Invoke your Divine Creativity~ Great Oil for any type of Artist~


•••••Invoke your Divine Creativity•••••

The use of Essential Oils and Herbs to induce a creative state is nothing new to the times~ The use of Essential oils is being rediscovered~ Some of the most famous creative minds have used essential oils and their creative powers to bring themselves into the perfect state of mind for Creation~ Shakespeare, the Poet and Baudelaire, the French writer, were passionate about essential oils and so was Leonardo Da Vinci, who was famed for surrounding himself with perfumes, especially Neroli.

We all have our own unique creative gifts~ Yes, even you, to the one’s that say they have none~ Your creative gift was given to you before you incarnated on this earth~ Your creativity is what puts you on the right spiritual path~ It is what invokes your imagination to unlimited manifesting Magic~

This specially blended oil uses ancient flower essences and unique resin’s and woods to invoke your Divine Creativity~ If your stuck and can’t get your creative mojo going, this is what you need to Invoke it ~ Creativity is within all of us~ It has always been within us, we are all born with this gift, some more than others, but none the less, it resides within us all~ Inspiring your imagination to soar is helpful to create a state of pleasure and joy in which your creativity can flourish.

Certain Essential oils can increase your positivity by creating states of relaxation, creativity and euphoria, opening your mind to endless creativity it holds within~ In this blend I have chosen Herbs, Roots and Oils that do just that~ Such oils are Neroli, Frankincense, Lemon Verbena and Rosemary~ The Crystal energies are Carnelian Stone, which is well known for its Creative Power~

•Listing is for a 1/3oz Roll on Bottle~

Apply Oil to Pulse Points and Back of the Neck and wait 30 minutes for best results~

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