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Element Oil Set of 5~ Earth ~ Air ~ Fire ~ Water ~ Spirit ~ Element Magick ~ Elemental Magick ~ Earth Witch ~ Sea Witch ~ Witchcraft ~1/2 oz

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This set comes with all Five Element Oils, decorated with a real Wax Seal on Each bottle with corresponding Element Symbol for Each Element~

Individual Oils will be sold very soon at $15.95 per bottle.
When you buy as a set you only pay $13.99 per bottle

Long ago, the Wise Sages of the Ancient World gave names to the forces that run throughout us all, the forces that are within Nature and within us…..They named these Energies Elements.

First they named the Element of Earth; the one that rules the Ground and all Living things that grow from it. Second, the Element of Air; the breath that fills our lungs and the breeze that nourishes so much more than our Soul. Third, the Element of Fire; the Element that rules over the Heat needed to warm the Earth and the Passion within us. Fourth, the Element of Water; the nourishing Source to all life on Earth and the emotions that guide us. Lastly Spirit; the Amazing Energy that surrounds us all; guiding us and protecting us on a daily basis.

These Five Sacred Elements have been used throughout the centuries to Heal, to Conjure, to Protect, to Invoke and to Create Magick! They are within us and all around us, they work with us as we work with them.
When working with Magick and Creating Spells, it is important to know which Element is needed for a successful outcome as each Element has something different to offer in the Magickal World~

~Associated with the Zodiac signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. This blend of Pure Essential Oils of Patchouli and Cypress is infused with Herbs of Vervain and Mugwort, bringing out the best qualities in the Earth Element.

~The Earth is our home, the Celestial Body that Nourishes us and give us a home to roam, can you feel the Earth beneath your feet, pulsing to the Rhythm of your own Heart Beat. The Earth Sustains us and nourishes all that walk about her Sacred Ground. The Earth is Magickal and self sustaining, she is raw beauty and everyday we are lucky to witness her beauty in all forms of Nature. To connect with her, all one really needs to do is to walk barefoot upon her Sacred grounds, feel her pulse, feel the Magick flow up through the Earth and into your own Energy~ Associated with the signs Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo, Earth represent the practical, realistic material side of our nature, it seeks to assert a stable, secure, structured environment into which we can function. Earth is Reliable and Strong offering Solid ground for Strength and Stability. Earth represents Growth and Rebirth. We can learn this by watching the Death of Winter give birth to New Life in the Spring. The Cycle of the Earth is so reliable and we can count on the Seasons to nourish us as they Nourish the Earth.

Earth Magick~
Grounding, Binding, Burying Ritual Items, Crystal Magick, Rebirth, Renewal, Strength or any Earthly Spells.

~Associated with the Zodiac signs of Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. This blend of Pure Essential Oils of Lavender, Neroli and Sandalwood is infused with herbs of Lavender and Sage, bringing out the best qualities in the Air Element.

~Air is a creative force that cleanses us, giving birth to new ideas by refreshing our Mind, Body and Spirt with its continuous movement. The Element of Air is free and attached to nothing, always flowing where it can lift up the spirits of others and give flight to the birds that roam the skies. We need the Air to breathe, to fill our lungs with deep relaxation during mediation and prayer, it gives life to our ideas and our communication with others and our inner self~

Air Magick~
Clarity, Energy, Wisdom, Conjuring, Ancient Knowledge, Astral Work, Wind Magick and sooo much more!

•••Fire •••
Associated with the Zodiac signs of Leo, Sagittarius, Aries. This Blend of Pure Essential Oils of Rosemary, Petitgrain, Clove and Cedarwood is infused with herbs of Rosemary and Coriander, bringing out the best qualities in the Fire Element.

~The signs Leo,Sagittarius and Aries are associated with the element Fire. Fire It represents the life force glowing within us, the Passion and the Heat that unites our souls. Fire keeps us warm when we are cold and warns us of its danger if we get to close to its unruly flames. Fire offers us a sense of Security, a bright warm light within the darkness. It inspires us to light the flame of creativity within ourselves and let our flames fly high, illuminating the minds of those that surround it. Fire sparks ideas and creativity, it feeds our souls with the warmth and never ending possibilities of the Universe! Fire must stay balanced or it becomes all consuming to everything that surrounds it.

Fire Magick~
Love, Passion, Courage , Creativity , Earth Magick, Air Magick , Self Confidence and Strength

~Associated with the Zodiac signs of Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. This blend of Pure Essential Oils of Ylang Ylang, White Lotus, Jasmine and Rose is infused with herbs of Chamomile and Jasmine Flowers, bringing out the best qualities in the Water Element!

The Element of Water is another one that flows freely, wrapping its body around others and soothing them with its nurturing qualities~ Water is a source of life and nourishes all of those in need of it, and we are all in need of the love the water has to give. Those that carry the Water Sign are Natural Healers, Compassionate towards others and have the gifts of Intuition and Psychic Awareness.

Water Magick ~
Love, Emotions, Past Life work, Psychic work, Intuitive work, Wisdom, Fertility and Rebirth.


~Associated with all living beings Akasha (Spirit Element) is a kind of super-element, the binding force between the other elements. This Pure Essential Oil blend of Frankincense, Myrrh and Sandalwood is Infused with Resins of Frankincense and Myrrh as well as a piece of Sandalwood, bringing out spiritual qualities in ALL of us!

This Fifth Element is the Element that connects all other Elements to us, binds them to us and us to them. This is the element of Spirit, known as Akasha. This is the element that transcends, yet is a part of, all the other elements. It takes the name of Akasha from that place on the astral where the akashic records are held, the accounting of all that has happened in the past, present, and future of the universe and beyond. Akasha is actually an East Indian word meaning inner-space, reflecting our belief that the universe is both within and without ourselves.

~Akasha is present within our bodies. The spark of life, that unknowable force that is called our Soul.

~The Spirit Element manifests everywhere, in everything, in the plants and animals we share this world with, In all of the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, in the grand, slow life of the cosmos as a whole. Akasha is Energy.

Spirit Magick~
Ancestral Magick, Spirit Work, Divination, Conjuring, Elemental Magick, Past Life Work, Ancient Wisdom, Channeling and so much more!

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