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Freyja~ Freya~ The Great Lady ~ Goddess of Love, Poetry, Beauty, War and Seidr~ Norse Magic~ Norse Goddess ~Vanir Tribe~ Witchcraft


•The Great Lady~ Goddess who gives life and fertility to the Earth~ May she look kindly upon you ~
Freyja is the most glorious of the asynjur (goddesses). She has a dwelling in heaven called Folkvangr (army-plain), and wherever she rides to battle she gets half the slain, and the other half go to Odinn… Sessrumnir (the many seated), her hall, is large and beautiful. And when she travels she drives two cats and sits in a chariot. She is the most approachable one for people to pray to. . . She is very fond of love songs. It is good to pray to her concerning love affairs. Edda, p 24

•She is the core of fire at the center of my being. She is the storm that washes over me in sleep. She is the heart of the dream. She is the lover of my soul. She is darkness unspeakable and light beyond bearing. . . .I am moved into places of resistance that I do not understand and then into the twin-flames of pain and transformation. She does not ask me for my leave. It is as though the world shifts around me and I find I once more face the burning. Yet, She brings an unfathomable beauty into my days. She pours out joy like mead. Peace flows through my heart like water. Her love is a never-failing fountain of strength. I would never willingly be parted from her.
(Idunna #35, p. 38)

•Freyja~ Often described as the Goddess of love and beauty, bright and golden inspiring the hearts of men and women with her inner flame of desire and open sexuality. Not only did she exude sensual energy but Freyja was a wise and cunning woman of great knowledge and power who mastered the art of Seidr, a form of Shamanic Witchcraft. Freyja often traveled the land under many disguises and names, leaving behind a trail of golden tears that turned to amber in search of her husband Odr, who many say was the God Odinn himself, as he too was a wanderer and Od translates to Poetry and Spirit, which Odin is also associated with. In fact there are many reasons to believe that Odr..Odinn, Freyja...Frigg are all in fact Odinn and Freyja.. Odinn and Freyja are intertwined in the art of Seidr in which Freyja taught to Odinn in his quest for knowledge.

•Freyja guides us to own our inner beauty and personal power, she is the Goddess of death and resurrection of spirit and is there for us when we go through a great spiritual rebirth. She gives us the Strength and courage to love ourselves in our natural raw and wild form, beckoning us to love and express ourselves freely without barriers, she evokes our inner Warrior Goddess to be strong and steady in your stance of Power.

•This Oil that I have dedicated to Freyja was created on Friday (Freyja’s day) I would like to keep this oil a mystery only sharing a glimpse of the magick that it holds within. It is graced with all of the beauty that this Goddess holds close to her heart, she is the gatherer of white wild flowers which are infused within this sacred oil consisting of Primrose, Catnip, Linden Flower, White Yarrow with a few other secrets that must stay hidden within the heart of Freyja~ At the bottle of your bottle lies a single piece of golden amber said to be the tear of Freyja, this adds to the power and sacredness of this oil~ I do hope that you enjoy this oil as much as I do ? To honor Freyja, dab your oil on your wrists and between your breasts.

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