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Hekate Tea ~ Hekate Devotional Tea & Botanical Offerings ~ Organic Herbal Tea Jar ~ 8oz Jar ~ Makes 13 Cups


Rites of Hekate

Dark Mother Moon come with your gift of release,
Come, so that I may surrender to thee.
Into the darkness of thy soul, I shall find peace,
In the beauty of thy shadow I shall be free.
Mother of the Dark Moon hear these Sacred Rites.
They dance upon my lips on this Dark Starry Night.

For centuries she has guarded thresholds and liminal spaces. Those skilled in her ways have invoked her many names and many forms for their magical workings. Her names are spoken in the night when no light from the Moon shines upon flesh. Whispers of her many names are also heard under the Full Moon light.

Mistress of all magic. Goddess of the crossroads. Moon Goddess, Queen of the Night, Torch Bearer, Mistress of the Cosmos, Keeper of the Keys, Shape Shifter, Divine messenger between the mortal and divine spheres. Speak Her name. Hekate. She is the governess of all things Witchcraft and magic related. Whichever name you speak to summon her presence, do so with reverence. And wherever your path may lead you, may her torch always be your guiding light.

When we approach our own crossroad, Hekate is present with her torches and symbolism of transformation leading the way to inner self discovery. She lights the darkest caverns within our hearts, giving us the strength and will to transmute and transform anything that hinders our growth. Her wisdom rich underworld medicine can be seen, heard, and felt in as many forms as She.

This herbal tribute to Hekate has been witch crafted in ritual, during the deep stillness of the midnight hour, in torch light on the New Moon. Hymns recited to Her with bare feet upon the ground. A sacred all organic blend of Verbena, Rosehip, Rose, Elderberry, Cinnamon, Mugwort, Saffron, Hibiscus, Peppermint, Lavender, Jasmine, Anise Seed & Bay Laurel. This Tea will be crafted on each New Moon per month. This tea will not be created during eclipses.

As you nourish your relationship with Hekate and her ineffable powers, offerings and acts of devotion become daily rituals. You can brew her and yourself a fresh cup of this beautifully frangrant tea. Leave it on the Altar for no more than 3 days and then brew another. You can also add the dried tea to a bowl and leave that on your Altar as well. This can stay much longer as it is dry and not prone to molding. These daily offerings strengthen your connection to her. You can also leave her fresh fruit such as pomegranate, dates, figs, and apples. I leave her offerings of some kind very regularly, sometimes it herbs, fresh flowers, eggs, garlic, etc. Every New Moon I leave her much more meaningful offerings.

Brew her a chalice of warm floral sacrifices and she will meet you in the liminal space of your heart.
Raise your chalice of warm botanical spirits to the starry skies and invoke her by name three times. Her names are many and you can choose which one of her epithets to call upon based on your need of Her. You hold within your hands, some of the herbs, fruits, and flowers sacred to Her. Their spirits rise with the steam to entice and awaken the senses of you and your Queen of the Night. Close your eyes and see without sight. Let your beating heart become your guide in the stillness of the darkness. It is during this moment that you can petition her to meet your magical and mundane needs, or to simply offer your devotion.

Divinations with the tea. Chew a teaspoon of the dried herbs after you brew the tea, swirl it around in your mouth while intensely focusing on your question. As you keep chewing, pay attention to the visions that come. These can be internal and external is the way they show up. After a time you feel is appropriate, spit the herbs on a plate. What do you see? Don’t try to alter it. What you seek will be shown to you in shapes that only you and your eyes can decipher through the wisdom of Hekate.

Another way is to brew the tea without a strainer. Allow the botanicals to swirl in your cup. As you drink your tea, think of your question each time your tea meets your lips. Keep a clear vision. On your last drink of tea swirl it around in your mouth and then spit it out in the bottom of your cup. Decipher as mentioned above. There are many more ways to divine with this tea. Allow the guidance of Hekate to inspire you.


There are many verbal invocations to Hekate on the internet. I encourage you to create your own, or use the ones mentioned here. I have have several book recommendations for further reading. I am happy to share those if you send me an email.

~Orphic Hymn to Hecate~
"Hecate, Einodia, Trioditis, lovely dame, of earthly, watery, and celestial frame, sepulchral, in a saffron veil arrayed, pleased with dark ghosts that wander through the shade; Perseis , solitary goddess, hail! The world's key-bearer, never doomed to fail; in stags rejoicing, huntress, nightly seen, and drawn by bulls, unconquerable queen; Leader, Nymphe, nurse, on mountains wandering, hear the suppliants who with holy rites thy power revere, and to the herdsman with a favouring mind draw near."

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