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Inanna Devotional Oil // Underworld Journey // Reclamation of Divine Power and Sovereign Self


She is called Princely Inanna, Morning Inanna, Evening Inanna, Lady of the Largest Heart, Queen of Heaven, and surely many more names that have been lost on long dead tongues. Her journey mirrors the journey of Venus from Evening Star to Morning Star. She emerges from the depths of the Underworld, reborn, whole, complete, and in tune with all of her parts of Self and Spirit. She exists between light and dark, she is both benefic and malefic in nature, she dwells in the Cosmos, on Earth, and in the Underworld, representing raw Feminine and Masculine energy at its most powerful and its most vulnerable. The vulnerable, painful, enlightening act of shedding skin, ritually dying, and being reborn into your true self is her path in all three realms. And Her journey resides within us all.
As she stands at the gates of the Underworld, layer by layer she is forced to remove her sacred adornments, her talismans of protection and power, piece by piece, gate by gate. Each gate representing pieces of the human body and spirit. At the beginning of each gate awaits a ritual death, a shedding of earthly adornments, but for every end awaits a new beginning, and the other gate opens. At the end of her journey through the 7 gates, she is speared and hung on a hook for three days by her sister, or possibly her shadow self, Ereshkigal.
Inanna’s decent into the underworld to transform from the evening star to the morning star mimics the deep inward journey of self, it aligns with shedding of the ego, and allows parts of our old selves to die to make way for new growth and new wisdom.  This is what our planet Venus does when she retrogrades every 18 months for 40 days and 40 nights. Venus gradually creates a rose pattern in the sky over a period of 8 years, each petal representing her Underworld journey. A embodiment of blooming into our purest forms through both power and vulnerability.

When you call to her, or she calls to you, she will guide you through the darkest nights of your underworld journey. She will walk with you from her ever-changing tower in the cosmos to assist you into the wisdom rich voids of the dark Underworld. As you travel though each gate of your own soul, she will be a pillar of strength to restore your sacred and true nature, reawakening your divine sovereign power at the end of the gates.
Her story is one that truly resonates with sacrifice and cyclical rebirth as a means to grow more attuned with self and welcome in the power of transformation and transmutation.  

When you follow the pattern of the rose in the sky and attune your divine nature with Hers, you begin to see the journey of Inanna and reflect on it as your own. We all go through great transitions and transformations throughout life. These changing times can become less cumbersome knowing there is light within the darkness, but that one cannot exist without the other.

 This beautiful tribute to Inanna created in aromatic form during Venus’ metamorphosis from an evening star to a morning star. Hymns sung on the first night of Venus/Inanna’s decent into the Underworld on May 13th  2020. This vessel was left offerings of figs, dates, red wine, and honey for 40 days and 40 nights, and replenished often. Each night a song to the praises of Inanna was sung. And Each night her energy was woven into the creation of this beautiful and transformational oil. This oil was concluded on the return of Inanna from Her decent June 25th  2020 and the ritual was complete as she rose from the darkness back into the light. Created in sacred ceremony with the finest organic essential oils and herbs of Frankincense, Damask Rose, Cypress, Myrrh, Blue Lotus, Patchouli, Rock Rose, with Saffron soaked in Pomegranate Oil.


This oil assists in awakening the hidden mysteries of the decent and rebirth of Inanna through the power of scent and ritual.  Meant to honor each phase of spiritual death and rebirth. I recommend working with Inanna’s Oil on New and Full Moons, during times of great transition, and your own personal underworld journey.  A potent talisman to offer you strength and a deeper understanding of why the sacrifices of letting go of the old self to make way for the new are so important to the evolution of your growth and understanding of who you are.   
Anoint your holy body temple with reverence and invoke her name and began the journey of awakening your divinity.
 I am currently writing an extensive online course on to accompany this oil. This course will teach the entire journey of Inanna and her initiation through each gate. There will be a ritual in which you can work with your oil. This is coming in October 2021
Hymns to Inanna
Queen of all given powers
unveiled clear light
unfailing woman wearing brilliance
cherished in heaven and earth
chosen, sanctified in heaven
You grand in your adornments
crowned with your beloved goodness
rightfully you are High Priestess
your hands seize the seven fixed powers
my queen of fundamental forces
guardian of essential cosmic sources
you lift up the elements
bind them to your hands
gather in your powers
press them to your breasts
-The High Priestess Enheduanna
Lady of the largest heart
keen for battle queen
joy of Annuna
eldest daughter of the Moon
in all lands supreme
tower among great rulers
queen of rare deeds
she gathers the mE
from heaven and earth
surpassing the great An
SHE of the gods has power
SHE executes their verdicts
before her matchless word
-by the High Priestess Enheduanna
©Moon Goddess Magick Apothecary LLC

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