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Third Eye Revival ~Moon Goddess Magick~ Reawaken~ Pineal Gland Revival~ Third Eye Oil ~ Awakening oil ~ Psychic Oil~ Roll on Bottle 1/3oz


Revive your Third Eye and see what is really meant to be seen with new clarity. This Oil will speak for itself, witchcrafted with Organic Essential Oils, Herbs and Quartz Crystal~ Some of the ingredients are Spikenard, used by the Ancient Egyptians to awaken the mind for ritual work, Frankincense, Anise, Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Mugwort herbal infusion .. All used to stimulate the Mind and the Third Eye~ Blessed with herbs of Calendula and Blue Cornflower, and Quartz crystals to increase the Psychic visions~

♦Special Instructions♦

♦Use during Meditation while envisioning your Third eye becoming Awakened~ Sit in a quiet area with no disturbances~ relaxing music with flutes or harp sounds is recommended for complete relaxation~ Apply your oil to your Third Eye Chakra and massage in a circular motion~ Then Apply your oil to your left hand~ In esoteric philosophy the left hand receives psychic energy and the right hand puts it forth~ So, place your right hand upon your head while hold out your receiving left hand to welcome the knowledge~ You should be feeling a slight tingling feeling enter your third eye as well as your head where your right hand is placed~ be patient with this process and make this a daily practice until you begin to see the knowledge being given to you more clearly~ This is a process that should continue even when fully awake~ knowledge is never ending and should always be welcomed~

♦From some people, I have received messages like "My Third Eye didn't open" or "I Didn't experience anything". My response to this is simple ~ Relax~ This process is not an overnight process. Awakening a clogged, clouded or even totally shut off Third Eye takes time and Patience~ You will begin to FEEL connected to the Energy of the Earth, Spiritual Plane and the amazing Energy of your OWN Pineal Gland within the brain~ This gland is the key to becoming fully awakened and connected to our higher consciousness, also known as the Psychic Gland. When we become awakened we begin to see things more clearly through Feeling and thought~ We can begin to channel messages and hear also known as feel our guides and higher self more clearly~ So, relax, be patient and you will succeed at this ~ ♥

Listing is for
1/3oz glass roll on bottle


"Absolutely love this oil. Smells divine, I already know it will aid me very well in my late night revelations as well as the astral projecting part as I already had an unexpected and electricly vivid dream experience right after putting this on the surface of my third eye for the first time. Tingly! I also want to add that your bottle printing designs and the charms that go along with them are so pretty and well made. I very much appreciate the fact that you leave the herbs and crystals inside each bottle. Not only does it make them more potent as time goes on, but it also gives me that important, special relation with each potion and its delightful ingredients. It's almost a form of a bonding experience when the herbs and stones are actually present to communicate directly with. Senekiz"

♦Although I do put in Magical Intent for you, it is also required for you to place your intent into your oil as well~ Manifest your desire, feel the emotion connected to your intent as if it is already yours~ once you have accomplished this, set if free to the Universe~ It is important for you to know that I cannot guarantee your desired outcome, only you can Manifest it! If you have a questions on how to do this, I would be happy to help~♦

♦A little tid bit about the difference between Synthetic Fragrance oils and All Natural Essential oils♦

♦Fragrance oils are synthetically made in a lab with chemicals and compounds that are unnatural to nature~ Yes, they may smell “good” for a very long time but they hold no divine connection to the actual Plant, Flower, Herb or Tree that they claim to be associated with~ Instead they seep chemicals and synthetic ingredients into your blood stream causing all sorts of health issues~ No matter how “natural” and “pure grade ” Fragrances claim to be, they are just not~♦

♦All Natural Essential oils are the very essence of the Plant, Herb, Flower or Tree that they come from~ There are many forms of extracting the essence from the plant, but all forms take the natural part of the botanical and mold it into the perfect raw essence~ Science and Alchemy have proven that each botanical element offers us not only therapeutic qualities but Magical qualities as well~ Qualities that enhance your Life, Aura and Psyche~ They may need to be reapplied once or twice throughout the day~ but this offers you a re-connection to Nature and the Divine~ Once more cleansing your Mind, Body and Spirit~♦ While the essential oils are natural, they can still be dangerous if used incorrectly and not diluted properly~ I dilute and take care when choosing the oils that I work with, making sure that you are not put in danger while applying them to your most sacred temple, your body~

♦♦♦I use only the finest ingredients such as Essential oils , Organic Carrier Oils, Organic herbs, Flowers, Barks etc.
I will do custom Oils and Orders to suit your Magical needs. Please Convo me and I will talk with you about what we can create to help you out.♦♦♦

♦♦♦MOON GODDESS MAGICK APOTHECARY is not responsible for misuse or adverse reactions~ DO NOT use Oils on Babies or Pets, DO NOT use Essential Oils while Pregnant or nursing unless otherwise posted on one of my listings. ♦♦♦ Also ask your Family Practitioner FIRST! If you have any questions about your product please convo me~


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