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Witching Hour Incense ~ Conjure Incense ~ Invocation Incense ~ 1oz of High Quality Witchcrafted Incense~ Rare Incense, Limited Offering

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This batch was Witchcrafted on the Dark Moon Solar Eclipse August 21st~


•She stands near her cauldron, bare breasts and bare soul for her chosen Spirits~ In a low sensual voice her incantation begins to caress her lips. Her words cling to the air as she watches them ascend with the sweet smoke of sacrifice, knowing her voice will be carried to the spirit world from her soul with the sacred smoke of the Incense, for a moment she is in complete divine unison with them, a rapturous erotic state, seeking council and wisdom, open and ready to receive answers through her vision quest.

•In many ancient traditions and religions Incense have always been viewed as an offering to the Gods and specific Spirits, invoking them through the divine aroma of scent. They delight in the offering of certain resins, herbs and sacred woods which call them forth. Incense are also used as a means to awaken the mind and body to receive divine wisdom through trance, meditation and other various divination practices.

•An invoking trance inducing blend of Ingredients used for centuries to open a clear connection to the Divine~ Each Ingredient was chosen with great care and astrological timing, ground down to a fine powder on a Dark Moon at Midnight~ Most of this recipe I am keeping secret but I will reveal a few of the sacred botanical ingredients chosen to give you a sense of the seductive scent. Sultry deep and intoxicating high grade Amber Resin, Blood of the Dragon, Demeter’s Crimson Saffron, Blood Red Rose Petals plucked at Midnight on Full Moon, Dark Moon Storax and other divine unmentionables~ This very high quality incense will fill a room quickly, leaving a last scent that will keep the desired energies near by. With the rarity of some of the ingredients, the great care and time that goes into this Sacred blend it will only be offered rarely~

There are a few ways to use this incense.
1. You can heat a small charcoal tablet in a heat safe cauldron or dish for about 5 minutes, until a light grey color, begin this process outdoors to avoid the charcoal smell in your home. When your disk is ready, add a small amount of the powdered incense and begin your ritual, adding a little bit more as the smoke dissipates.
2. Pour a small amount of the powder into a bowl and slowly add a few drops of water until you have created a thick paste shaping the paste into a cone. Let your cone sit in full sunlight for about 2 hours, you can also let it air dry in your home for about a week, then light the tip of the cone and there you have an incense cone.

•Use your incense during the Witching Hour to increase your magick and connection to your desired God/Goddess/Spirits. I recommend adding a drop of your blood to the Incense to strengthen the connection as an offering. Speak your incantations and prayers into the smoke, taking care not to directly inhale the smoke, let it gently fill the room with its intoxicating aroma and let your great work begin~ Pay close attention to the smoke, sound and the visuals that you encounter during the Witching Hour. Keep a journal close by to write down your experience after your work.

Pale Goddess of the witching hour;
Blest Contemplation's placid friend;
Oft in my solitary bow'r,
I mark thy lucid beam
From thy crystal car descend,
Whitening the spangled heath, and limpid sapphire stream.

Yon musky FLOW'R, that scents the earth;
The SOD, that gave its odours birth;
The ROCK, that breaks the torrent's force;
The VALE, that owns its wand'ring course;
The woodlands where the vocal throng
Trill the wild melodious song;
Thirsty deserts, sands that glow,
Mountains, cap'd with flaky snow;
Luxuriant groves, enamell'd fields,
All, all, prolific Nature yields,
Alike shall end; the sensate heart~

Please DO NOT inhale the smoke or use while pregnant ~ DO NOT burn around children or animals.

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