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Spiritus ~ Spirit Guide Conjure Candle~ Spell Candle with Invocation~ Contact your Spirit Guide~ Ancient Wisdom and Guidance

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•When using Essential oils, Herbs and Stones to connect with our Spirit Guides, we are able to subtly yet effectively open the Magickal doorway of contact and communication with the Spiritual realm~ With the Aid of these Earthly treasures we are expanding our consciousness and opening up our Psyche to receive guidance and important messages~

•I have used my knowledge of Herbals and Ancient Wisdom to create this Spirit Guide Conjure Candle~ I have carefully chosen each ingredient for it’s purpose to provide a lasting bond with your Spirit Guide and Angels~ This candle and invocation bridge the gap between you and your Guardians on the Spiritual Realm~ This Candle is Graced with High Quality Essential Oils and Herbs of Galbanum, Jasmine, Narcissus, Cardamom, Frankincense, Sandalwood and Galangal~ Many of which have been used since Ancient times to strengthen the bond between
the Physical and Spiritual Realms~ Made from Natural Soy Wax and a Cotton wick~ Crystal Charged with Howlite Stones~ You may chose to take these stones out and hold them in your hand while connecting with your guides~

•Cardamon - Aids the connection between the body and soul, mind and spirit~

•Frankincense ~ Frankincense has long been used to bridge the gap between the Spiritual and Physical realms~

•Jasmine ~ Jasmine has a divine aroma that opens the consciousness and intuitive awareness~

•Galbanum ~ Treasured in the Ancient world for it’s ability to connect to the Spiritual Realm ~ it elevates the communication between you and your guide by raising your Spiritual Awareness~
Narcissus - Inspires prophetic dreams and trance work~ This helps to deepen your awareness and connection to your guide~

•Galangal~ Also known for its assistance in contacting spirit guides and protecting your Aura while in contact with the Spiritual Realms~

•Sandalwood~ Produces a very high spiritual vibration and when mixed with Frankincense acts as a beacon of light for your Guide~ This aids is keeping the doorway between you and your guide open and strong~

•Howlite~ Can assist in journeying outside the body and gaining insight from past lives, Spirit Guides and Angelic guides Placed on the third eye, it opens memories of previous times and lifetimes~

•Spirit guides are divine beings that are assigned to us before we are born that help nudge and guide us through our journey on this Earth~ They are responsible for helping us fulfill the spiritual contract we make with ourselves before we begin our journey in this life~ Even though some of us may not feel their presence, they are always there~ Your Spirit Guides are always ready and willing to help and assist you, but usually will not interfere in your life without a specific invitation~

•You will learn that through the loving guidance of your Spirit Guides, that you are never alone and that you can overcome your perceived limitations and begin to reach for the stars in terms of your awareness, creativity and understanding~ Your Spirit Guides will free you to be who you truly are.

•Making time for yourself in this busy world is something we all can find difficult at times~ with all of the demands that have been placed on us by ourselves and others it can be hard to find time to be spiritual~ Setting aside time for yourself is vital in your Spiritual Growth~ Giving yourself time to connect with your Guides and your Higher Self is an Ancient practice that was mandatory back then~ It brings your inner Spirit Serenity and Wisdom~ It gives your Spirit a chance to connect with your Earthly body to Heal and Guide~ By taking time to connect you are opening yourself up to be inspired by all that surrounds you~ You will receive valuable information on how to achieve Abundance and Inner Joy~ You will raise your Spiritual Awareness and receive the Love that you were always meant to receive~

•Contacting Your Spirit Guide•
Light your candle and recite your Invocation~ The one I have listed is just a guidance~ If you have one that works better for you please use it~ This is just one that helps me connect with mine ~ You can use the candle flame to focus if you wish~ Inwardly, call in your spirit guide~ Start to open up your awareness of their presence.~You may see them, feel their presence, hear them communicating, or somehow just know they are there. Communicate with them as you would an old friend or someone you love, because that is who they are~ They have always been with you, waiting for you to notice the connection and their love for you~ Use your candle however often you need to~ to deepen the connection with your guide, use your candles hot wax and apply it to your Heart Chakra~ please take care when doing so~

Once you have made the connection with your guide, ask if there is anything that you need to be aware of that will enhance your Spiritual Growth ~

Good luck to you on this Magical Journey of your Spiritual Growth ~

In Love and Light

Please never leave your candle unattended~ please keep away from children and pets~

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