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Apple Tree Branch A Simple yet powerful Talisman~ Key to Annwn~ Celtic Otherworld~ Samhain Magick ~ Ritual Object~ Limited Offering~

Sold Out

•Respectfully harvested from organic apple trees fallen limbs by storm or pruning. Permission is always asked and thanks are given~ I encourage you to very gently do this on your own if you have access to an Apple tree. Please never overtake from Nature and always seek permission from the tree, offerings left for the tree are also custom, leaving food, drink or a drop of blood~ Be sure that your offering is nature and animal friendly. These wands are for those that do not have access to an apple tree but still wish to have an apple wand for your otherworld ritual at Samhain~

•Using a natural wand made from the apple tree is a very old and very sacred practice done to access the Annwn, also known as the Otherworld, especially during the most auspicious times of the year such a Samhain or Beltane. The Apple has long been closely associate with the Annwn. The Celts and many others believe that this is a place of great power, where priestesses guard and protect the mysteries of the Tree of Life~ Avalon comes from a Celtic word “Avaloch” meaning Place of Apples. The apple-tree is a Celtic Tree of Life, upholder of the Worlds above and below and the source of all spiritual sustenance. In Irish tales, it grows upon an Otherworld island and bears the fruit of immortality which emits a heavenly fragrance, is able to satisfy all hunger, heal all ills, and yet always remains whole. So it is no surprise that to access this place of great mystery, one needs to hold the key, a direct connection to the Tree that is guarded there, an apple tree branch, taken with respect, with an offering~ I recommend adding one drop of your blood to your Apple wand, this shows a sacrifice made to the Apple tree and the wand will be more likely to guide you properly on your quest to the Otherworld on Samhain~

•Your journey will be that of a Spiritual nature accompanied by a slow process of being shown the way. This is not a magical overnight experience and everyone goes through this differently. Visits to the Otherworld evolve over time, each time one crosses the veil, new things are shown to further your progress in the physical world and well as the spiritual. After your journey keep your senses keen on your surroundings, the people in your life, old and new. New insights will be given and shown to you after each visit~ Patience is the key when visiting Annwn, let the visions flood in as you go on your quest, steady your breathing and clam your spirit as you journey to this Sacred Place.

•When you receive your Apple Wand, take your time in connecting with it before your journey, I encourage you to adorn it as you please, some may even choose to carve symbols into it. Celtic stories tell that your stick should be adorned with silver bells~ It is yours to do as you please to increase your connection to it. ♥

Listing is for 1 stick about 8 inches long adorned with a decorative tag~

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