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Chakra Balance Tea...Meditation Tea...Organic Herbal Tea..Makes 13-16 cups of delicious balancing Tea.. 2oz

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The Chakras are specialized energy centers which connect us to the multidimensional universe. The Chakras are dimensional portals within the subtle bodies which take in and process energy of higher vibrational nature, so that it may be properly assimilated and used to transform the physical body.  Richard Gerber. 


Chakras are intricate etheric energy centers of the body that match up with the physical endocrine and nervous system. Each chakra acts as a conduit that transforms pure energy needed to feed the spiritual, mental, astral and physical aspects of our incarnation within the body and the human energy field. When out of tune, the unbalanced chakra system can cause stress and create dis-ease in various places throughout the body as well as effect our mental state of mind. 


Tending to your chakras is both a spiritual and physical practice. Spiritually we can meditate on each chakra, taking the time to see the color and shape that corresponds with each one, I have added these to the bag so that you can focus on each one every time you make this tea. Physically we can nurture the body with morning stretches, breath work, proper water consumption, yoga, and supply the body with herbs known to work with the internal system for optimal health and wellness. 


Chakra Balance tea is hand blended in small fresh batches to promotes full body wellness and chakra balance. Made with the freshest herbs and roots of Dandelion Root (Root Chakra), Calendula (Sacral Chakra, Anise Seed (Solar Plexus), Hawthorn (Heart Chakra), Lemongrass (Throat Chakra), Peppermint (Third Eye), Lavender (Crown Chakra).  Each batch is given a singing bowl sound bath to awaken the healing properties of each herb. 


This organic tea blend is a wonderful addition to your physical and spiritual chakra care routine. You can brew it and take it to yoga, use before and after meditation, before and after physical workouts, etc.. I like to enjoy this one multiple times per day for a chakra pick me up. As I sip my tea I imagine each herb offering its energy to each chakra, visualizing the colors becoming brighter and the energy becoming stronger.  



Serving Size for Loose Leaf Teas: 1/2 to 1 tsp in a tea strainer per 5 to 8 oz. cup

No. of Servings per 2oz. of Tea: Approximately 13 to 16 cups depending on how strong you like your tea~ Brew for about 15-20 minutes


Moon Goddess Magick is not responsible for misuse or adverse reactions of our Organic Herbal Teas. If you experience an allergic reaction, please discontinue use. By purchasing, you agree to this statement 

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