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Love and Beauty Botanical Hair Rinse~ Loose Herbs~ Nourish your hair with the gifts of Nature~ 8oz Jar with Pentagram Wax Seal~ Hair Tea

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•Our hair is said to be a direct connection to the soul, an extension of our spirit growing from our crown, it holds our thoughts, our deeds and offers us a certain unseen sense of awareness~ In many cultures it is unlucky to cut your hair, it is said that this cuts your power and connection to spirit. Although some who crave a fresh start are inclined to cut their hair extremely short as a way to get rid of the past energy held within the hair. Either way, hair is a great source of power and has a deep connection to our spirit, and just as you would nurture your spirit, you shall also nourish your hair~


•Using fresh and dried botanicals to anoint the hair and head has very ancient roots, in a world without shampoo and conditioner, ancient people had to rely on the beauty of nature to tend to their hair and it is a practice that has carried on to this day for those seeking to be closer to nature and the old ways.


•Rinsing your hair with magically charged herbs is not only amazing for your hair but it infuses the magick and the health benefits into each strand of hair. This act alone is a ritual all in itself, taking the time to anoint hair spiritually with intent in mind is a sacred act, that the Gods are sure to witness. Hair rinsing can be done once per week, if your hair tends to get greasy in between washes add a little natural dry shampoo to even out the grease.. Your hair may go through a process of adjusting to this new ritual but eventually will even out to reveal lush beautiful hair… Shampoo can strip away the nourishment and natural oils that our hair needs to be healthy and grow long. This natural beautiful hair rinse adds vital minerals and nutrients to your hair and over time will reveal stronger, healthier hair..


•••Love and Beauty•••

•Love and Beauty begin within, you are your own work of art, the weaver of your own inner web and the moment that you begin to love and fully accept yourself, you’ll exude outward that which you feel inward, essentially drawing this energy towards you until it shines from you like a bright light in the deepest depths of the densest forests. So fall in love with you, your beauty, your flaws, your light, your dark, your mistakes and your triumphs! Love who you are!


•Made with Love from organic herbs and flowers of Rose, Lavender, Nettle, Elderflower, Calendula, Rosehips and Jasmine~ Enhanced with just a few drops of Rose essential oil. Essential minerals and vitamins are added to your hair, adding body, shine, magick and amor! A small Rose Quartz crystal comes with your botanical hair rinse~ Once your water has cooled, add this to your hair rinse. This mix is blended on a waxing Friday Moon in the hour of Venus to evoke the sensual energy that floats around this planetary day and hour~

~Instructions for Botanical Hair Rinse~

~What you’ll need~

•Tea pot or stove pot

•Large bowl to catch the rinse for reapplication or soaking

•Your bottle of botanicals and a sieve for catching the herbs

•Sink, Tub or Shower •You may chose to add a few drops of your favorite essential oil

•Brings a small pot of water to a boil and add about 3 tablespoons of dried botanicals to the water, let boil for about 3 minutes and then let steep for another 20 minutes, once the water has cooled, pour over a sieve to catch the herbs so that you are only left with the liquid. Then go to your desired spot for rinsing~ I like to do this in the shower and bring a large mixing bowl with me, you can do this to dry or damp hair, your choice! Gentle begin to pour the rinse over your hair beginning at the scalp. Gently massage the rinse into your hair catching the water in the bowl if you want a second application. Once you’ve finished, you do not have to rinse again, unless you wish, this is personal preference, but if you do, rinse with cold water for best results. Let your hair air dry or blow dry if you are in a hurry! That’s it!


•If you wish to make an apple cider vinegar infusion to later use as a rinse, let your herbs soak in apple cider vinegar for 6 weeks or two full moon cycles, shaking every day. Strain and keep the liquid in a mason jar for continued use. Reduce•Recycle•Reuse You can also use your herbs for compost in your garden ♥ Please recycle the bottle or find a crafty use for it, you can leave the label on or gentle wash is off with warm water~


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