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Oracle of Delphi ~ Oracle Incense ~ Divination Incense ~ Pythia Offering ~ Apollo Offering ~ Ornate Jar 1.4oz of Loose Incense


Journey back to a world of magic and wonder, where the ancient world's most famous oracles prophesied the future and fate of those who approached their temple in Greece. The Pythia was a chosen Priestess handpicked to translate the foretold words of Apollo the God of Light, Music, Healing, Prophesy and Truth.
An inner sacred chamber is where the Pythia sat on a bronze tripod where the spirit of Gaia and Apollo overcame her and inspired her prophecies. Mythic traditions say that the Pythia gained her visions by chewing on bay laurel leaves and inhaling the fumes from the Ancient caves. She was seated on a tripod and surrounded by Priests that would recite her prophecies.
Upon entering the temple, one would describe the feeling of a divine presence and could see outside of the present into the past and into the future.
There were but two words inscribed on the forecourt of the Temple “Know Thyself”. The oracle was famous for revealing her visions in riddles and codes thus came the importance of the words “know thyself” for you could not decipher her words correctly without knowing your deep inner self.
Witchcrafted on a Sunday to honor Apollo the God of Light and the Pythia who relayed his messages This lovely blend is simple yet powerful, staying close to Apollo and the Pythia with plants that grow around the Temple in Greece. It contains plants grown on Greek soil. These sacred plants are Olive Leaf, Bay Laurel, Cypress Leaf and Berry, and Juniper Berry.
This herbaceous bright scent invokes visions of past, present, and future. It is best to dedicate a day to work with this blend to allow the visions to take shape slowly. As the smoke rises, allow the tendrils to swirl around you. Do not try to change what comes, allow the visions to reveal themselves as they are. Keep your senses sharp as this blend surrounds you and stirs up powerful images. Have a journal nearby to decipher later.
This incense can be worked with in all forms of divination and it an act of divination itself. I work with this blend for trance drumming and quiet moments of meditation, when I need guidance, and to give thanks for the visions. You can work with this any day of the week, but Sunday is a bit of an exalted day to honor the Pythia and Apollo.

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