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Rose Priestess Ritual Tea Jar • Nourish and Awaken your Rose Lineage • Herbal Tea & Bath Tea 8oz

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If you find yourself reading this and drawn to this offering, you are likely beginning to remember your calling as a Rose Priestess. In this realm, in this moment, you are the earthly embodiment of the cosmic rose lineage made flesh. The rose is a gentle unfurling into your sacred feminine remembrance. An aromatic reminder that you deserve love and that you are love. Your body, mind, and spirit have the deep seeded wisdom to heal the feminine wound in this patriarchal world and within yourself.


 You have deeply felt your calling back to the sacred work of the Priestess. You have seen the need to restore the balance between the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine. The restoration of the Divine Feminine needs to be woven back into humanity. No longer can she stay hidden in the shadows. No longer can her voice be suppressed. No longer can her heart barely beat. She will rise, she will be seen and felt, her voice and heart will echo within every open ear, and she resides in you. The Spirit archetypes of the Rose Priestesses that came before you stand with you and dwell within you. They are Inanna, Ishtar, Hathor, Isis, Sophia, Magdalene, Anahita, Aphrodite, Freya, and You. There are many more. Their wisdom is woven into your life story.  They know that your awakening into a Rose Priestess will not only change your life, but will greatly benefit all of humanity. You will walk the rose path to embody and exude love in divine service for the healing of all.


The ancient rituals and mysteries of the sacred feminine are as old as humanity. The earliest recorded evidence we have of the rose mysteries leads us directly to the planet Venus and her esoteric teachings that spread across the world. We walk the path of the rose. We ascend, we descend, we ascend, we descend, until we form a beautiful five petaled star flower in the cosmos.


 This pattern and path are rich with nectar that awakens things hidden and sleeping. The arcane mysteries and the embedded gnosis within this offering will open the internal and external doors and will deeply nourish the ever-blooming journey of the Rose. As above, so below, as within, so without. Seek her within, where she has always waited to be seen without eyes. Where she dwells without words and sings through your heart.


•The Tea & Ritual of the Rose Priestess•

An all organic, deeply red and fragrant blend of Rose Buds (Rosa damascene), Rose Petals (Rosa centifolia), Rose Hips (Rosa rubiginosa), Jasmine Flower (Jasminum officinale), and Hibiscus Flower (Hibiscus sabdariffa). Naturally caffeine free.

•Body Nourishment•

High doses of Vitamin C

Beneficial for the Heart and Liver

A natural aphrodisiac

Immune system nourishment

Welcoming in calm and peace


The purpose of this tea is to nurture the Rose Priestess. Each batch is blessed with heart sound frequencies from quartz singing bowls. As they are born into this realm, they do so on Venus days, Venus hours, and with Venus Hymns singing their praises. This blend itself is a Rose Healer.  When you partake in holy communion with this tea, a light humming can be felt, an attunement with the divine nature of the rose and the divine within and without. The healing, the nurturing, the remembering of the sacred wisdom begins. The presence of your ineffable energy is revived. The divinity of your path emerges. A robe of light is gifted as you enter the throne room of your power. The high seat of activating your hearts truest potential. A tea naturally ruled by Venus and all of her charms. Invite this tea into your Venusian magic as a ritual prefunk.


This tea awakens internal and external feminine beauty, deep gnosis of the cosmos and self, and reveals the hidden mysteries that spiral around us. It activates the heart chakra in ways that are deeply felt and profound, allowing you to clearly see the connective energy in all. Each sip resonates with beauty. What do you see, taste, touch, hear and feel? Communion with Rose and Hibiscus opens the heart and alters consciousness, connecting you back to an ancient wisdom that your blood, bone, and spirit remember. Welcome home.

 The Rose Priestess ritual tea is best brewed for longer periods of time. 20 minutes being the minimum. The entire jar can brew up to 11 individual cups, or be worked with to make up to 3 large pots of tea to share with larger groups.

The longer it brews the darker the red color becomes. Each time you brew a cup or a pot. I encourage you to speak words for your heart to bless it before drinking it or serving it to others. As you inhale the aroma, allow the flow of what comes natural to your heart to speak aloud into the cup. Water holds power and hot water opens the energetics of the flowers within this tea. They are waiting for your instruction on where to aid the heart and spirit.


When you are done with the tea ceremony do not throw out the flowers. Deepen the ceremony by adding them to a hot bath or a foot bath to wash your feet. After this you can scatter them in your garden or plants to nourish the soil.


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