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TAURUS (21 April – 21 May) • The Bull of Heaven • The Lover • The Pleasure Seeker • Artistic • The Sensualist • Nature Loving 1/2 Bottle


“Ye stars! which are the poetry of heaven! If in your bright leaves we would read the fate Of men and empires,—‘tis to be forgiven, That in our aspirations to be great, Our destinies o’erleap their mortal state, And claim a kindred with you; for ye are A beauty and a mystery, and create In us such love and reverence from afar, That fortune, fame, power, life, have named themselves a star.” -Byron
Humanity has looked to the skies for thousands, upon thousands of years. Our fascination with the shimmering celestial spheres and the sparkling constellations above has captivated us with their natural beauty and magic. The secret mysteries woven within the cosmos are just waiting for us to deepen our understanding, they are beckoning us to reconnect through all senses, so that we can once more remember their sacred stories as our own. We are starting to remember our connection to the cosmos. We are the Cosmos.
Ancient mystery school teachings all over the world give us many clues left in art, poetry, music, and myth to help us remember our origins. We are from the stars.
Each one of us is a living breathing talisman of the cosmos the moment we take in our first breath. A prewritten destiny that guides us through our time here on Earth. So much of who we are and who we are meant to become is written in the stars. The way we dance within the labyrinth of life can be seen when one knows that ways of the cosmos. These aromatic tributes to the 12 zodiac signs that circle above us are meant to enhance the positive traits of their wearer based off of your Zodiac signs. Each zodiac placement can be nurtured with the sympathetic magic that each oil possesses.
•All 12 Zodiac blends are witchcrafted with all natural organic essential oils, absolutes, enfleurage, resins, various flowers, herbs, roots, and crystals that align with each sign. They are drenched in magic and imbued with the magical properties of each Zodiacal myth. To apply one is to work sympathetically with that sign and awaken its qualities within the wearer. Witch crafted in Ritual during specific days and hours that correspond to the intended Zodiac sign. This can be on a waxing Moon, full Moon, or any other astrologically significant day for each sign. Adorn yourself with the myth and magic of the cosmos.
TAURUS ♉ (21 April – 21 May) The Bull of Heaven ♉
2nd Sign of the Zodiac
The Lover • The Pleasure Seeker • Artistic • The Sensualist • Nature Loving • Down to Earth
♉Ruler: Venus
♉Exultation: Moon
♉Fall: Uranus
♉Detriment: Mars / Pluto
♉Natural House: 2nd house
♉Quality: Fixed
♉Element: Earth
♉Polarity: Negative / Feminine
♉Parts of Body: Neck and Throat
•Materia Magica•
A fragrant tribute to Taurus and all of its charms was created with the finest essential oils, botanicals, and other fragrant powers of Ylang Ylang, Cassia, Jasmine, Violet Flowers, Saffron, Patchouli, Rose, Lilac Enfleurage, and Labdanum. It is sultry, luxurious, dew soaked with and dripping with fertile energy.
•Rituals of Taurus•
As nature begins to bloom into fragrant and verdant beauty, so does Taurus. This season is for all of the fertile pleasures, earthly delights, and beauty seeking magic that surround us. We celebrate all things love during this season at Beltane as we sneak off into the woods with our lovers and dance ritually around fires. Being ruled by Venus, Taurus loves opulence and will happily indulge in all of its finery.
Wear the Taurus oil to increase sensuality and sexual playfulness, to manifest earthly desires, to increase creativity, to encourage resilience and strength, and to increase physical and spiritual fertility.
Also, an aromatically potent ally when doing Venusian or Lunar magical workings.
•Myth of Taurus•
Taurus is a large and prominent constellation in the northern celestial hemisphere's winter sky. Taurus' brightest star is the red giant Aldebaran, known as the Eye of the Bull. Also part of Taurus is the most prominent star cluster visible to the naked eye, the Pleiades also known as the Seven Sisters. Taurus has been known as a constellation even prior to Greek mythology. It is one of the 48 original Ptolemaic Constellations and one of the twelve constellations of the Zodiac.
Zeus and his lust for mortal women is nothing new, he often found cunning ways to lure beauties into his bedchamber to try and seduce them, and so, in Greek mythology we have him doing the same with the Taurus myth. The story begins with a woman called Europa, the enchanting daughter of King Agenor. She loved being by the sea and adorning herself with flowers so naturally this is where Zeus would make his move.
Zeus turned himself into a stunning white bull with golden horns. Naturally, Europa was captivated by the majestic bull that she began to adorn him with flowers. She climbed on his back to bless him with the beauty of flowers and he then fled into the sea towards the island of Crete with Europa on his back. When they reached Crete he seduced her and she bore him three sons, one including Minos, who grew up to be the famous king of Crete, who built the palace at Knossos. He also gave her presents that included a dog that later became the constellation, Canis Major. Zeus later commemorated the bull by placing it among the stars. Europa has since been immortalized as one of the four largest moons circling the planet Jupiter, also known as Zeus by the Romans.
As with many myths associated with the zodiac, this myth has many beautiful stories attached to it. I highly recommend reading them.

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