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Tea with Krampus ~ A Yuletide Winter Black Tea ~ Contains Caffeine ~ 3oz


•A Yuletide Invocation to Krampus if you’ve been a little naughty•

In the hushed silence of this winter's eve, beneath the watchful gaze of the moon's silver sheen, we call upon thee, Krampus, creature of Yuletide lore.

With hearts both humble and bold, we beseech thee to cross the veil that separates our worlds, to join us in this grand manor, warmed by the hearth's glow and the spirit of camaraderie.

We offer thee this brew, a symphony of flavours, a tribute to your essence. Smoky and fruity, sweet and spicy, may it please your palate and serve as a token of our respect so that you may pass by our misdeeds of the year.

Krampus, horned one, revealer of truths, we invite thee to share in our discourse, to illuminate our minds with your wisdom, to expose the secrets that lie hidden within our hearts.

In the spirit of the season, we seek not to shun or fear you, but to understand and learn from you. For in your mischief, there is wisdom; in your frightful visage, there is truth.
Come, Krampus! Let us sip this tea, share these tales, and uncover the truths of this Yuletide season. Maybe even share a ghostly tale or two.
In the name of the old and the new, the seen and the unseen, we invoke thee, Krampus. Be with us this night, and let our conversation be as enlightening as the fire is warm.

•A tale unfolds in the Parlour•

In the heart of a frosty Victorian winter, nestled within the confines of a grand manor house, a most peculiar tête-à-tête was taking place. The lady of the house, a proper Victorian dame of the highest order, was entertaining a guest of a rather unusual nature. The guest was none other than Krampus, the horned creature of Yuletide lore, known for his penchant for mischief and his uncanny ability to reveal truths with a single most frightening glare.

The pair sat by a roaring fire, the flickering flames casting dancing shadows upon the walls. The lady, resplendent in her silk gown and fanciful hat, poured a steaming cup of tea for her guest. This tea was an enchanting blend, a concoction as unique as the company she was keeping. It was a smoky and fruity brew, a wildly enticing symphony of flavours that danced upon the tongue. The finest smoked black tea was its base, a robust and hearty foundation. To this was added the tartness of hibiscus and cranberry, the zesty tang of orange peel, and the sweet crunch of apple pieces. The spice of clove and cinnamon added warmth, while a hint of peppermint and rosehip lent a refreshing finish. It was a tea as sweet and spicy as Krampus himself, a fitting tribute to the creature of the hour.

The lady sipped her tea, her eyes twinkling with mirth as she and Krampus exchanged tales and tittle-tattle of the season. The tea, it seemed, was not just a beverage, but a conduit for their conversation, a catalyst for the revelation of truths. An aromatic talisman to charm the beast. As the lady sipped, she found herself privy to the secrets of her neighbours, the scandals of the season, and the hidden truths of her own heart. It was as if the tea had unlocked a door within her, revealing a world of knowledge she had never known.
"Why, Krampus," she exclaimed, her cheeks flushed with the warmth of the fire and the thrill of their conversation, "this tea is quite the revelation! I find myself privy to truths I had never before considered."
Krampus, his eyes gleaming in the firelight, merely chuckled. "That, my dear lady, is the power of the tea. It is an offering, a tribute to me. In return, I reveal the truths that lie hidden within the hearts of those who dare to sip."
And so, the lady and Krampus spent the evening in delightful discourse, their conversation fuelled by the enchanting brew. The tea, with its smoky depth and fruity zest, its sweet warmth and spicy kick, was the perfect companion for their fireside chat. It was a tea to be savoured, a tea to be shared, a tea that revealed truths and sparked conversation. It was, in short, a tea fit for a proper Victorian lady and her unusual Yuletide guest.

This aromatic blend contains the finest ingredients of Organic Herbs and Fruits! Blended with black smokey tea, hibiscus, cranberry, orange peel, clove, cinnamon, apple, rosehips, and yuletide mischief.

Brew for no longer than 6 minutes unless you want your tea as bitter as Krampus.

Contains Caffeine 

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