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The Cailleach // The Hag of Beara // Cailleach Bhéarra // Crone and Winter Wisdom Talisman Perfume 1/2oz


Within the spiral of life, the old one awakens. Her blood imbued with the brine of the sea, her bones covered with the mossy hillsides of the Irish coast. The Cailleach, the Hag of Beara, the Hag by the sea. She resides in the liminal space where sea meets shore, and where the white stone mountains rise from the depths of the Otherworld.
She resides within us all. The crone waiting to emerge within. She is pure wisdom that only the cold depths of winter can conjure. Her gifts are life and death as one. When she speaks, her tendrils of icy breath tell of the prophecy that you seek, the one you already know the answer to if only you allow yourself the trust to remember it. She offers the solitary land walker protection in the dark days of winter, a silent teacher and guide through the rugged and magical landscapes that she protects.
With her guidance a deeper insight to the labyrinth of Self is granted and the mastery of Self is obtained. Summoned is your deep inner knowing. She opens the winter portal to true wisdom with ease. Call upon Her when you are in need of a guidance through the depths of winter. She will surely grant you the insight and wisdom that you seek. Leave offerings of apples, blackberries, oats, milk, and honey to thank her. As a powerful feminine force of renewal, she embodies the seasonal death of winter to make way for the fertility and abundance of Spring. She is often worked with for sacred rites of fertility, death, and rebirth.
As an embodiment of scent, she is the forest and the sea, the flower fields and the wild hillside herbs. Created in ritual within the dark woods of Winter containing the finest essential oils and herbs of Hawthorn Leaf and Berry, Apple Bark and Seed, Blackthorn, Nettle, Yarrow, Heather, Thyme, Peppermint, Sea Salt and Sand from the Beara peninsula in Cork, Lavender, Ambrette, Pine Tree, and Rosemary. The herbs within this blend have all been wild harvested, with permission asked. The essential oils are organic, and offerings are left for the spirit of the trees and the Cailleach.

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