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Cast Iron Pentacle Cauldron with Lid 4"H x 3"D ~ Cauldron ~ Perfect for Loose Incense and other Burnables~ Smudge Pot

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~Small Pentagram Pot Belly Authentic Cast Iron Cauldron~
~The cauldron is an important magical tool that combines the influences of the elements of air, fire, water, and earth~

~Its shape is representative of Mother Nature, and the three legs upon which it stands correspond to the three aspects of the Triple Goddess, the three lunar phases (waxing, full, and waning), and to three as a magical number~ Additionally, the cauldron is a symbol of transformation (physical and spiritual), enlightenment, wisdom, the womb of the Mother Goddess, and rebirth~

~When you receive your Cauldron you will want to bless it and make it yours~ To bless and charge your Cauldron with the spirit and powers of the Goddess~ fill with water from a natural source (if possible), and place where it can reflect the image of the Full Moon~ Your cauldron is of cast iron so be sure to dry well after each use, and coat lightly with olive oil to keep in good shape~

~Measures 4" high with a 4" diameter~ Very heavy quality Cauldron for all your burnables~
The Heaviness of this Cauldron is why the shipping price is a bit higher than other items~ This Cauldron will last forever~

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